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2016 NORCO Revolver SL 7 HT Frame
2016 NORCO Revolver SL 7 HT Frame

2016 NORCO Revolver SL 9 HT Frame

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La apuesta de Norco para el campeonato mundial de XC. Cuadro de carbono super rígido y ligero que proporciona una excepcional plataforma de pedaleo y transfiere hasta el último gramo de energía a la rueda trasera.


The Revolver is the World Cup-level platform crowning Norco’s XC Race program. The Revolver is the stiffest and lightest XC Race bike Norco has ever made. Period. Sub-1000g high modulus carbon frames are designed to surge up climbs and dominate any descent. Power transfer is anchored by sleek, oversized tubing from headset junction to rear dropout, providing an exceptionally stiff pedaling platform that channels every ounce of energy through to the rear wheel and ultrarigid 142 x 12 axle. Built on blood, sweat and grit, the Revolver has what it takes to win – you supply the heart.



With traditional frame designs, engineers adjust front-centre lengths for each frame size but use a single, fixed rear-centre length. This approach leaves riders of certain body types in a poor position when standing. Poor body position leads to uneven weight distribution and negatively affects traction, control and overall performance and ride characteristics.

A simple solution to a complex problem, Gravity Tune fixes the front-centre/rear-centre ratio across all frame sizes, effectively optimizing geometry for every bike in the line. As a result, weight is always optimally distributed – regardless of rider height. Available only on Norco Bikes, Gravity Tune means equal ride characteristics and unrivalled control for all.

Norco’s SmoothCore process enables us to maintain precision control over all of the inner surfaces of our carbon frames, which is particularly critical at complicated, high-stress areas like the head tube and bottom bracket junctions. At the heart of SmoothCore is our innovative mandrel system.


Norco’s carbon frames are manufactured with only the highest quality materials, right down to the resin we use to hold everything together. Our superior quality ArmorLite resin produces an exceptionally strong bond that enhances frame strength and increases impact resistance.


Norco’s Power Chassis Design is the ultra-efficient power transfer system that gives our Revolver hardtail XC race bikes their responsiveness and explosive acceleration. The Power Chassis is a complete pedaling platform designed to convert energy from a rider’s whole body into forward momentum. The design begins at the tapered head tube and leads down through an oversized, down tube that creates an extremely stiff linkage between the front and back end of the bike. The down tube leads into an oversized, super-stiff bottom bracket shell designed to house the most efficient cranks available today. The oversized BB area then leads through to an especially broad set of chain stays, engineered to conduct energy directly from cranks through to the back wheel where they are converted into forward thrust.


A PressFit 30 bottom bracket offers all of the stiffness benefits of a BB30 bottom bracket, and adds a few unique benefits of its own. With PressFit 30 bottom brackets, bearings are housed in nylon cups that are pressed directly into the BB shell. This eliminates the need for the aluminum sleeve used in traditional BB30 designs and therefore reduces overall weight. The PressFit 30 system also creates a better seal around bearings, increasing their lifespan and reducing the possibility of a blowout. PressFit 30 BBs are less prone to creaking than other BBs and are compatible with all BB30 cranksets.